JAWS DAYS 2017 Re-cup at Osaka

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JAWS DAYS 2017 is The biggest JAWS-UG event in Japan.
JAWS-UG is a.k.a Japan Amazon Web Services User Group.

I joined as a speaker in JAWS DAYS and handle tge workshop about Amazon alexa.
Many sessions in the JAWS DAYS re-cuptured in this night.

See this slide. (Lang is Japanese.)

チープアレクサ増殖計画。デバイスからスキルまで(Increasing “Cheap” DIY Alexa. Making device and skills)

I made this slide because I wanted participants to bring something back home.
but it may have been wrong..
because Other speaker’s presentation was so interesting and fun!
Nothing laughters in my presentation.

I thought make more laugh the slides…

Thanks for all staffs..