after Alexa days 2017….

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It was finished Alexa Days yesterday.

At first, Alexa session’s member of JAWS DAYS considered this plan.
Many JAWS-UG branches joined this event than i expected.
I am relieving now so Alexa Days finished normally.

I wish more people play with alexa.

I wrote about ‘why do i want to do the Alexa Days’, ‘why do i want to collaborate with other JAWS-UG branches, other countries UG’ on this post.

Why do I want to do the Alexa Days

It is simple.
I got big satisfaction (although i couldn’t look almost sessions and so tired…)

So I tweeted following message on a thread.

Atmosphere in the community is so excellent.
Because Community members don’t say ‘stop’. so i can run easy.

I have some idea i want to do

I found something by organizing JAWS-UG KOBE. I want to share my feelings.

No1. No matter about countries

There is a incident i got big influence to my action. This is meetup with JAWS-UG and AWSKRUG held on 20,May,2016.


Of cause, I’m moved KRUG’s hospitality.
What I felt most is we can respond each other using ‘technology'(technology is common language for us).

So I wanted to share the meeting beyond Japan and Korea.


No2. We can request to collaborate although we are small group

It is hard to collaborate with foreign countries.
Because there are many problems(especially, translation)

If it is truth, We can’t collaborate only big event. i think…

So i think we need to collaborate at small meeting and share time each other.


No3. can we drive branches more easy?

I have talked Mr. tsutsui(owner on Nagoya branche) on after party of JAWS DAYS.

What problems how to drive community at countryside.

  • Contents
  • Increasing members
  • Places
  • Schedules


it seems to be almost of all have same problem.


There are few people.
what contents do today?
There is no speakers…

I often felt this is difficult problem for continuing.

So I thought this is nice idea to do the study meeting by some branches at same time.

for instance,
* join to the tokyo’s study meeting
* put out the content alternately


and、to Alexa Days….

I invited some branche owners to Alexa Days.
Honestly, I will hold on 4 or 5 branches. 🙂

But more branches join than i expected. So i excited!!
Finally, 16 branches joined Alexa Days. This is big event!!

I worry to do Alexa Days normally..

My worries grows bigger As Alexa days gets bigger..

Usually, I can’t consider widely. i worry about there are some incidents that i have to think…)


In fact, We can drive normally Alexa Days.

(I received many messages on backyard slack…)


Let you got Alexa Days Appearance on togetter.

Alexa Days のまとめ #jawsug #alexadays #awsugkr


Alexa Days Presentations.

What is Alexa and AVS(JAWS-UG KOBE, Tomoharu Ito)

Alexa Skills Kit(JAWS-UG IoT dedicated branches, Jun Ichikawa)

Cooking with Alexa!(JAWS-UG Takayoshi Yamada)

using WordPress for backend of Alexa Skill at Alexa Days 2017(JAWS-UG Hidetaka Okamoto)

Alexa x IoT(JAWS-UG Genki Okuma)


as it above…
I wrote this post that whan i want to do on Alexa Days.

Thank you for all staff!

I wish many branches collaborate other branches.

Next time… I think more bigger…???


finally, This event is looked by Singapore UG. I want to hear impressions and i wish collaborating…