JAWS DAYS 2017 report

I had joined JAWS DAYS 2017 as staff. This is a report of JAWS DAYS 2017.

What is JAWS DAYS?

This is the biggest event of JAWS a.k.a Japan AWS User group.

JAWS DAYS hold on every March in the year.

There are more 50 sessions, hands-on and other interesting events(KARUTA, Lunch sessions…)

I had handled Alexa Hands-on. So I report in the mood of Alexa hands on session.


More 1200 people joined this year.



This year, JAWS-UG invited other countries AWS User group.

So friendship event held on JAWS DAYS 2017 eve.

These seems to express JAWS by body language….(really??




I didn’t listen almost sessions( so I was hands on track boos all day.)

But I could feel the mood of JAWS DAYS. just fun!

This JAWS DAYS, there are many sessions about AWS services and introducing many use cases.

JAWS DAYS 2017 sessions

some photos below…

Alexa Hands on

I held Alexa hands-on.

This session is that implement AVS(Alexa Voice Service) client to raspberry Pi.

and create Custom Skill.

I was in here all day…oh..

Around 14 alexa enaled devices borned in 30 participants….

Although there has some network trouble, some participants succeeded to make alexa client.


After JAWS DAYS… I was tired and melt my concentration..w

but It was so fun!!