Alexa Dev Days report

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Good evening. I’m tinms, programmer.   Today, I report Alexa Dev Days Berlin  at Germany.

This article is for developers. But I try to show you details of places, environment, atmosphere as mach as i can.

by the way… Here we go!!


Marriott Hotel Berlin

It is as usual.  Amazon dedicates one of hall in the big Hotel and with breakfast and lunch. I felt like re:Invent .


Many Stickers, Hand spinners.

I got a lot for meetup which will take place 20, December. 🙂

Session 1 Alexa Skill Basics

The first session is Recap of Alexa Skill basics.  This is hands on session. We follows Groshen Guide(Local Guide)  that is one ofe alexa/cookbook. and.. built.

This is easy for already experienced people.

Session2  How to design Voice User Interface

The second session is workshop of designing conversation. That is practical workshop. We write down conversation for user and alexa with paper and pen. This is Alexa Design Guide (previous Alexa Design Process)

Simple and Faster for User’

This is the most important.


Session3  Building Skill

We built the skill that design on session2 at this session. and It was explained ASK CLI and ASK management  which really released recently.

I think many developpers had been waited for ASK CLI. Because We can deploy Alexa Skill on CI cycle.

Session4 Alexa links external Call

This session talked about data Persistently and collabrating IoT devices. It was introduced how to call external API, persistent user status,  requiring data from AWS IoT.

Demo Time

Last Session is time to present their skills.

Streaming started by voice trigger, Simple game, help making decisions.  many baby skills was born.

I also made the skill but i hesitated…

Question Time

I asked Robert(today’s speaker)  many questions. He answerd kindly and friendly. Thanks Robert!