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Information of us

VUI Design and make your devices. (Alexa optimization)

Web Services ( Ruby On Rails optimization )

Serverless solution (AWS optimization)

Cloud solution (AWS optimization)



Our Technologies

VUI(Voice User Interface)

VUI can provide amazing new User Experience to your customers.

We can provided new User Experience to your customers. More naturally, More frankly, More conversational.




Serverless Architecture Solution

Serverless Architecture gives many profit to your system.

Auto Scaling, free to maintenance servers.. etc

But this Architecture has some demerits.

We can suggest solution which thought Pros and Cons of serverless Architecture.



Ruby On Rails is amazing web application framework.

But Rails will be enemy if you get out the Rail.

We can provide Rails compatible Web application.

easy maintenance, readable, test easily.



AWS is top of cloud service provider.

We can help to integrate your on-premiss to AWS.



JAWS-UG is abbreviation of Japan AWS User Group. I am organizing one of the branch. KOBE. Introducing new services, sharing knowledges and networking.

Enjoy new technologies!




Haarlem.tech is community for startups and tech hosted by evoswitch. I’m a member of this community.



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