Life at Haarlem in Netherland

2 weeks past since we came to Haarlem.

I’m working at the co-working space “Zaamen” in Haarlem.
It have been work comfortably.

People in Haarlem has very kindness. We already took help so much from haarlem’s people.

It makes me positive to live this city.

We are searching house to live Haarlem. It is purpose the trip.

I’m challenging now. I can work anywhere to prove “Places is not matter to work for me”.

I think it seems to be possible at the moment.

JAWS DAYS 2017 Re-cup at Osaka

JAWS DAYS 2017 is The biggest JAWS-UG event in Japan.
JAWS-UG is a.k.a Japan Amazon Web Services User Group.

I joined as a speaker in JAWS DAYS and handle tge workshop about Amazon alexa.
Many sessions in the JAWS DAYS re-cuptured in this night.

See this slide. (Lang is Japanese.)

チープアレクサ増殖計画。デバイスからスキルまで(Increasing “Cheap” DIY Alexa. Making device and skills)

I made this slide because I wanted participants to bring something back home.
but it may have been wrong..
because Other speaker’s presentation was so interesting and fun!
Nothing laughters in my presentation.

I thought make more laugh the slides…

Thanks for all staffs..